Here are some projects we have worked on!

Sailfish OS by Jolla

Sailfish OS is an independent mobile operating system based on Open Source software. It features a user interface which scales to a variety of form-factors, from large tablets to mobile phones to smart watches, based on set of QtQuick elements called Silica. Qinetic was actively involved in the design and development of the Silica component set, along with the various core Sailfish OS applications (including the Calculator, Notes, People, Settings, Calendar, Camera, Messages, Gallery, and Maps apps). Qinetic also contributed to the development of components at every level of the Sailfish OS operating system, including haptics support, data synchronisation, telephony improvements, camera and video support, Bluetooth functionality, and GPS and AGPS positioning.

bioscan by iDt

iDt are leaders in workforce management solutions, and are at the forefront of innovation in payroll automation and staff scheduling. Their solutions are fully integrated across cloud, mobile, and fixed-kiosk terminals, and include advanced biometric authentication and unique scheduling and time-tracking innovations. Qinetic contributes to the development of their solutions, primarily on the bioscan fixed-kiosk terminal software, originally on embedded Linux and now on embedded Android kiosk devices.

Link Motion by Link Motion Oy

Link Motion is a complete connected car computer solution, developed by Finnish innovators Link Motion Oy. It is a single-computer solution which supports multiple displays and provides exceptional security features including privilege layering and virtualisation, and utilising ARM TrustZone. Qinetic is contributing to the development of the QtQuick-based UI toolkit and reference UI for the Link Motion platform, and helping Link Motion to achieve pixel-perfection with guaranteed performance while ensuring that each element is extensible and customisable.