Qt Development


Qt is a powerful and comprehensive development framework, providing all the features required to produce beautiful applications that perform well across a range of platforms. Qt supports a range of different application types, spanning native embedded console apps, traditional GUI apps, advanced touch user experiences and hybrid HTML5 applications.
We have a wealth of experience with Qt development. We can provide expert assistance or undertake entire projects for you, to ensure your Qt-based development achieves its aims. We can help you select the best approach for your target platforms, and follow through to project completion.

Rapid UX Prototyping

Even a meticulously designed user interface can only be proven through its deployment to the target device. Developing a beautiful and usable user experience is an iterative process; QtQuick is ideal for quickly producing a prototype UI and deploying it to the actual target, allowing all facets of the design to be tested, including appearance, feel, and performance.
A prototype implemented in QtQuick is not discarded when development of production code begins. It forms the basis of the production codebase, ensuring the final delivery loses none of the nuances developed in prototyping.
Our developers are experienced in working with designers to realise their vision. We care about transferring the original design to a pixel perfect implementation.



Even the most beautifully designed user experience fails to impress if its performance is inadequate. The UX must be carefully tuned to ensure that performance is not compromised, and regularly checked during development to guard against regression.

There are various options available to improve applications that are not meeting performance targets. We have many years of experience in working to improve performance in mobile and embedded environments, and can help to analyze and improve the performance of your project.

Embedded Linux


Linux is the ideal platform for many devices, offering excellent performance, reliability and a range of features. However, these benefits come at the cost of complexity and numerous options that can be overwhelming.

We can help select the best options for your project, comparing and evaluating the many choices available. Our developers are familiar with the hardware and software features of embedded and mobile devices, and can help to streamline your project by integrating your hardware and customizing your deployment platform.