Martin Jones, Matthew Vogt, Andrew den Exter, Bea Lam, and Chris Adams

The Qinetic Senior Development Team
development team

Qinetic came together at the Australian office of Trolltech, the creators of the Qt framework.

At Trolltech we were responsible for the development of Qt/Embedded and applications based upon it. When Trolltech was acquired by Nokia we formed the QML and QtQuick core team, creating new user interface development technologies for Qt. We founded Qinetic in 2012, but we still maintain our connection to Qt and open-source software development. Every member of the Qinetic team is a current Approver within the Qt Project, with review and code submission access to upstream repositories.

Our core competencies include:

  • Expert knowledge of Qt, QML & Qt Quick and Qt/Embedded.
  • Cross-platform desktop, mobile and embedded application development.
  • Whole-stack mobile development – core developers of Qtopia and QtExtended by Trolltech/Nokia, and Sailfish OS by Jolla.
  • Excellent communication and technical writing skills. We created much of the official Qt documentation for QML/QtQuick and QtMobility.
  • Core contributions to QtMobility, including the Bluetooth, Location/Positioning, Messaging, PIM, and Multimedia modules.
  • Substantial experience building IVI and IFE user interfaces and UI toolkits.