Our expertise

We are experts in embedded Linux software engineering as well as user interface (UI) and human/machine interface (HMI) development using C++ and QtQuick/QML. We have extensive experience developing software for customers in a range of industries, including in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, and industrial devices, as well as mobile and desktop app development. Our engineers have expertise at all levels of the software stack, including operating system details, graphics and multimedia pipeline implementation, middleware library development, and application development. We provide consulting and contracting services for C++, Qt, and QtQuick/QML projects, specialising in UI development. We are based in Australia, but have clients all around the world, including New Zealand, Europe, and the United States of America.

Embedded & Mobile development

We work with a variety of custom-built hardware, particularly on embedded Linux and Android platforms. We build applications ranging from dynamic touch-screen user interfaces to lower-level software that connect embedded systems with other devices and back-end services.

Cross-platform software

We develop cross-platform software to give you a single codebase even when targeting multiple systems. Do you need to target both Windows and OSX on desktop, or both Android and iOS on mobile? With a cross-platform solution, you can avoid the need to build and maintain multiple versions of the same code.

Qt technology

The Qt framework is an industry-renowned toolkit for cross-platform application development. Its QML technology can be harnessed to create rich animated user experiences that connect to complex back-end systems. As original developers of QML & Qt Quick, we know how it works and how to get the best out of it.

 About Qinetic

About Qinetic

Qinetic is a software development and consultancy company working with clients all over the world. We specialise in providing professional cross-platform software development services for embedded, mobile and desktop platforms using C++ and the Qt framework.

We are formerly of Trolltech, the creators of the Qt cross-platform application development framework. We were members of the team that developed the core Qt technologies of QML & Qt Quick, which are the primary tools for creating rich animated user interfaces in Qt 5 and Qt 6.

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How we can help

Are you building software for embedded, industrial, or medical devices? Or are you building desktop and mobile applications, and want to switch from maintaining multiple codebases to a single cross-platform solution? We can help! We provide consultants and contracting support for customers, offering our unique development expertise in embedded Linux systems, embedded Android software, mobile apps, and desktop applications. Our core technology is the cross-platform Qt framework: not only do we use it, but we have worked on and developed significant parts of Qt and QtQuick/QML ourselves, and so our engineers know how to get the best out of it.

We would love to discuss working with you on your next project.

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