Qinetic is a software development and consultancy company based in Brisbane, Australia. We specialise in cross-platform software development services targeting embedded, mobile and desktop platforms, working with clients all over the world.

We are a team of former employees of Trolltech, the creators of the Qt cross-platform application development framework. During our time at Trolltech, we worked on a variety of projects including Qt Desktop, Qt Embedded, Qtopia (a full-stack mobile Linux platform) and products for custom embedded devices.

After Trolltech was acquired by Nokia, we went on to develop QML, a markup language enabling the simple development of rich and dynamic user interfaces, and Qt Quick, a set of common user interface components based on QML. These technologies went on to become the primary UI development tools in Qt 5.

With decades of combined cross-platform development experience, we know how to create software targeting a range of devices and platforms, work within tight performance constraints, create beautiful and modern user experiences, create iOS and Android apps, and much more.